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An Informal Resume

the basics

works @ Primacy in NY
MFA from Carnegie Mellon
Fulbright Scholar in 2009



I design and help facilitate the building of great digital experiences.

  • Goal: Build simple, easy to use interfaces. Speak like a human. Be kind.
  • Process: Minimal iterations, Lean & Practical- a mix- like collaboration, yielding/supporting to teammates strengths/weaknesses; incorporating user-testing and analysis whenever possible. Focused on using the right process: grab the right tool from the tool box! Functional, with light delight and ready to be playful when we can be!
  • A must: Open communication, flexibility, and mindfulness towards removing road blocks. Have a vision. Be ready to be wrong. Say "What's next?" Time towards team is valuable: time towards team creativity is necessary.
  • Currently: UX designer in an agency. Deeply inspired by my past work with Neo
  • Clients: Cannondale, Medicity, Atlantic Heatlh System, NYU, 3M, Turnstone (Steelcase), Pitney-Bowes, Sony, Disney, VW ...etc.


  • I'm using: Axure :robust! and Omnigraffle: flexible! and I built this site using Sublime Text
  • I know about: Wireframes, Prototyping, User Testing, Responsive design, & multiple design and development methodologies. Tried them all :). Proud to be inter-disciplinary and curious. I'm not very good at staying in my box.


  • I'm passionate about: Configuring process and deliverables lightly and thoughtfully for every project. I love user testing (small and large) and also now when to say when on testing: now on with the show! I prefer Agile methodology for anything software-like, with a flexible approach to composing light(small/lean) teams that mix skills to suit each unique project.
  • I'm learning about: Front-end design. I like making things in digital and physical mediums.
  • I write about my current interests on: Medium


  • Proficient in: html, css and I liked using github with a dev team.
  • I like: bootstrap, sublime text, and keynote (for now :D)
  • I'm excited about: my multi-media comic book project. Too much fun!

Learning with Others

Case Studies

  • Turnstone iPhone App

     UX design   mobile 

    A case study for the Turnstone MyDesigner app

    Learn more...


  • Southern Fried Masala

     UX design   art 

    A graphic novel: from hand drawn images to hyperlinks, this graphic novel spans multiple generations and crosses international borders.

    Learn more...
  • Flora of Mongolia

     UX design   ethnography   Mongolia 

    This conceptual design reimagines an online herbarium; using storytelling to prompt a deeper exploration of Mongolian Culture.

    Learn more...
  • L+M Hospital

     UX design 

    The re-design for this page floated critical details up to user's first entry point. L+M's brand offering is a human, friendly and approachable service line of treatments and healthcare options.

  • AHS Clinical Trials

     UX design   search design 

    This project gathered AHS's research offerings and information into a single site and clinical trials search experience.

    Visit AHS Clinical Trials site
  • This Old Bear


    Every time I set out to learn something new I come up with some pretty playful stuff in the process.

    Hear from this Old Bear
  • 3M Search

     UX design   search design 

    I worked as part of a collaborative team on a research project aimed at improving 3M's search experience.

  • Turnstone / Steelcase MyDesigner iPhone App

     iOS   UX design 

    I acted as lead designer for Turnstone’s MyDesigner iOS app.

  • Pitney-Bowes Smart Postage & MapInfo Pro.


    I assisted in user testing & the heuristic review of Pitney-Bowes MapInfo Pro. & the Pitney-Bowes PbSmart Postage web applications.

    Learn more about theMapInfo.com

    Learn more about thepb.com

  • Invest Orbit

     UX design   Hong Kong 

    I worked with this Hong-Kong based financial start-up for a short intense project to improve their investor software tool.

  • The Architectz of Group Genius

     participatory design   Germany 

    worked as a creative consultant to help facilitate an Innovation Lab in at VW's 3rd Place Labs in Berlin, Germany & the i2 Institute launch in Saudi Arabia.

    Learn more about the i2 Institute

    Learn more about the Architectz of Group Genius

  • The Look See Tree


    he Look-See Tree was made possible with a grant from the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, and was part of the Robot 250 program which brought robots to the public arts in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Fulbright Research: Hawkers of Mumbai, India

     art   ethnography   India 

    In 2009-2010 I received Fulbright/ Nehru grant to travel and work in India. I conducted a year long project aimed at documenting street vendors and their temporary, mobile structures.

    Check out documentation for "The Making of an Informed Portrait"

    Learn more about the Fulbright foundation:


  • Teaching Art

     art   teaching 

    I've taught a number of courses for varying levels of artists:

    Carnegie Mellon 2010:3-D Mixed Media

    Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 2009: Edible Drawables: Drawing Edible Wild Plants

    Carnegie Mellon Pre-College 2009: Arts in the City

    Carnegie Mellon 2008: Concepts: Space and Time: as experienced via Human Mobility

    Mattress Factory Museum 2007:Portable Works: Youth Summer arts program

  • One Mile Garden: A National Endowment for the Arts Project

     participatory design   art 

    One Mile Garden: Participatory Urban Design: One Mile Garden (OMG) started in 2008, in an on-going effort to catalyze small-scale food production in the city of of York, Alabama. Explore this great community driven effort:

    Learn more about the One Mile Garden Project

    Check out a Gigapan photo of One Mile Garden Tree Planting

  • Make Yourself @ Home

     art   Web Design 

    Make Yourself at Home was my contribution to SCALE, an exhibit I curated at the Trahern Gallery at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee.

    Check out the archive and installation
  • Scale: @ SPACE gallery


    Scale included 12 total artists and was shown at two galleries: The Space gallery in Pittsburgh, PA and the Trahern Gallery, at Austin Peay State University, TN. Scale’s artists explore the economic downshift in fine arts productions and how it's shaped artists methods & lifestyles.

    See photos from the SCALE exhibit

    Check out or download a PDF about this exhibit!

  • Axis Bank: Brand Strategy

      Brand Strategy   India 

    Leapfrog Strategy Consulting partners with clients to achieve breakthrough solutions that activate their brand and business strategies in creative effective 360 experiencess.

    Check out Axis Bank's Home Loans service

    Learn more about Leapfrog Strategy Consulting: Leapfrog Strategy Consulting

  • Digital Film Colorist

     Web Design   India 

    I designed & built a portfolio for a well recognized Bollywood Film Colourist.


  • Bablrr: Android App


    Bablrr is the product of an international collaboration between Engineer Thiago Hersan and UX Designer Ally Reeves. We like to help the masses keep their quick txts under wraps when it comes to being monitored on anything other than a basic human scale.

    View an archive of the Bablrr Website

    Watch a Video about how Bablrr works!

  • Jigsee Video Player

     Android   India 

    The Jigsee Mobile video app is a product of Jigsee Digital Media, now VuClip. With over 10 million downloads and 4 million users, Jigsee has made it's mark on the video streaming industry. I worked as lead UX designer and Visual Designer for this product.

    Learn more about Jigsee and VuClip:

    Jigsee's CrunchBase profile


  • Partner Apps: UTV, Diseny and Sony

     Android   India 

    At Jigsee we created white lable video apps for partners like: Sony, UTV/Disney, Jump Games, Reliance Entertainment, and Vuclip. Check out some of our work with UTV:

    UTV on Ovi Store (java)

    UTV on Google Play Store (android)

  • The Mobile Museum

     participatory art 

    The Mobile Museum (M.M.)is a portable show space which visited over 20 locations and reached over 2500+ viewers; in person, in spaces in the city of Pittsburgh that were residential and commercial, but typically vacant of public arts programming.

    Learn more about this the Mobile Museum
  • Pedal Postal Express

     participatory art 

    John Pena and I created a free bicycle mail delivery service called the Pittsburgh Pedal Express. We built a wooden mailbox and on it inscribed: “Write a letter to someone in Pittsburgh, drop it in our box and we will deliver it by bicycle.

    Learn more about Pedal Postal Express

    Check out News coverage of Pedal Postal Express

  • Vs. Hawker Prints

     art   India 

    In my research of hawkers during my Fulbright fellowship, I started to created paper-cut images based on categorizations of published articles that portrayed hawkers in 4 key lights: biographical, architectural/urban planning challenge, statistics and instigators of conflict.

    Check out the Vs. Prints

  • Taco Truck

     participatory art 

    Taco Truck was a collaborative street-level project that sold tacos from a fake taco truck facade. We sold out within a few hours.

  • One Mile Meal

     participatory art 

    The One Mile Meal was a "recipe" for a day of activities exploring local food scarcity -or- availability. After a day of gathering food growing naturally or in nearby gardens, participants cook a meal with found foods: discussing food access in their neighborhood.

  • The Hardest Question Ever

     performance art 

    In the summer of 2006, I toured the East Coast as part of a 7 member puppet troupe. Our Performance, The Hardest Question Ever, featured chain-gang inspired music, and took place inside a life-size prison cell covered with hundreds of letters written by death row prisoners in the Northeast, US.

    Check out photos from the Hardest Question Ever puppet show


A variation on lean & interative cycles:

I find that certain portions of design process (test, prototype, repeat) tend to cycle more or less often based on the project. I believe that user testing is the best way to establish sound design thinking and increase potential for innovation and true product fit. At the end of the day, each project is different and requires any process to be fitted to unique needs and considerations.

Ally Reeves

Process in a Nutshell


  • Beyond reading loads of research regularly, I do two things before I begin my work: I do an industry sweep for useful patterns and I imagine the best possible experience solution: blue sky.


  • I am always trying new tools for prototyping. My preferred tool for prototyping right now is Axure, which lets me set up a browser based prototype and moderate remotely. I also like Omnigraffle. Adobe Illustrator is good for making very hi-fi deliverables that need eye-candy appeal. Paper prototypes are great, but I've found I can make digital interactive ones equally fast if I take the right approach!


  • I use Sublime Text to tinker with code. I pull snippets of code from everywhere. I find JSFiddle useful, CodePen is awesome- dribble is rad for ideas. I look at a lot of component libraries for simple, functional UI patterns, and as something I can easily point a developer towards.


  • If only there was a checklist for everything. I try to make checklists and plans that fit on a 3x4 index card: anything that saves time and repetition is welcomed.
Writings Feature
Ally Reeves


Hi, I'm Ally. I love crafting functional and exceptional, user-centered experiences that make day to day life easier and fun. I have lived and worked in the US and Asia, and have traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. My work and my approach to company culture are informed by my experiences in fast-paced digital start-ups, brand and product innovation firms, and my experiences with creativity in fine arts studios around the world. When I'm not at work I draw comics, travel, and read. Reach out to me by email if you'd like to know more:

allyreeves at gmail.com